Hello, Friend


My photography journey began at five years old, when my mother bought me my first Kodak disposable camera, fanning into flame a lifelong love for photography. I continued to pursue that passion throughout my childhood, always seeking new ways to improve the skill. Being a very shy, quiet kid, I fell in love with the voice photography gave me, and the power that a single photograph has to tell an entire narrative.

It was that passion for storytelling that led me to pursue a three-year Bachelor's in journalism, with a focus in photojournalism, at Cedarville University. After graduating, I moved to central Pennsylvania to pursue a job as a magazine editor/occasional photographer for a missions agency.

When I'm not at work writing stories or editing our magazine, you can find me experimenting, creating, reading, writing, or just out walking and listening to music. (There's typically coffee—or chai—involved, too.)

For any inquires, or just to say "hello", feel free to contact me any time via email at: drawrah.naomi@gmail.com